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Betting terminology from A to Z

Sometimes it seems that the fans of sports betting speak in a foreign language. Some of these expressions have English roots, while others have been made up by punters and bookmakers from other parts of the world. Understanding betting terms and slang is very important. It will help you be successful and find the best bookmakers and most profitable betting options. Here, we collected the most popular terms related to sports betting and gave an overview of each. 

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Accumulator = acca

A type of bet that involves multiple individual bets. For the accumulator bet to be successful,  all selections must win.

Acca Insurance = accumulator insurance

This is a  promotion from bookmakers for accumulator bets. Acca protects punters from losing the whole amount of money if one or more selections do not win.

Across the Card

It means placing bets on multiple horse races that take place at the same time (day) at different spots.


Stands for  “After Extra Time.” This term is used in football (soccer) matches and means additional time if the game ends in a tie.

All in play or not  = All in

A situation when a bettor wagers all his/her bankroll on a single outcome or bet.

All out

A phrase used to describe a team or player doing the maximum to achieve a goal.

All Weather 

A racetrack with a synthetic surface for racing in all weather conditions.


A type of multiple bet which consists of 26 different bets across 6 selections.

Also Ran

In horse racing a horse that participated in a race but did not come in a position worth of recognition or rewards.

American Odds

Odds favoured by US bookmakers indicate the potential profit or loss for every $100 staked.  A minus (-) means the amount you need to lay to win $100, and a plus (+) indicates the amount you win for every $100 you bet.


A bet on horse racing and some other sports in advance, usually available at least a day before the event.


A strategy where the bettor backs all possible outcomes on the same event or market. He aims to mathematically guarantee a profit regardless of the game outcome.

Asian corners = Asian corner betting

A type of sports betting market popular among football (soccer) fans who try to predict the number of corner kicks in a match. It is a more complicated variation of the common corner betting market.

Asian Goal Line

A type of betting that predicts the number of goals scored in a football (soccer) match.

Asian Handicap = Asian handicap betting

A type of sports betting market popular among football (soccer) bettors that excludes the possibility of a tie in a match. You can bet on a weaker team with a +1 handicap which means that this team will start with a one-goal lead.

ATS (Against the spread)

Betting on whether a team will perform better or worse than the spread set by the oddsmakers.

At the Post

In horse or greyhound racing the moment when all horses are on the starting line (gates).



Betting on a certain event or outcome to come true.

Back to lay betting

A betting strategy where a bettor places a bet on a selection at a higher price and then lays the very same bet on a selection at a lower price. The idea is to win regardless of the event outcome.


A bet or selection which is highly likely to win. 


This means that a particular outcome is not offered by a bookmaker as a betting choice.

Bar price

The minimum odds for a horse in a race that has not had its odds in previous horse races.


A person who bets on somebody else’s behalf to hide their real identity.

Best odds guaranteed

In horse racing a guarantee from the bookmaker that the punter will get the highest odds available, even if those odds change later.


Risk money (or other things) on the outcome of some event with the expectation to win more money in case the prediction turns out to be correct.

Bet Builder

A tool offered by a bookmaker that enables bettors to choose the various components of a bet from a wide variety of market combinations.

Bet calculator

A tool (software) that helps punters quickly calculate their payouts for their bets.

Bet slip

Document with all the information about the bet.

Betting exchange

A betting site where people bet against other people, rather than against a sportsbook or bookmaker. An example of a betting exchange is Betfair.

Betting IQ

High or low betting IQ is just an informal expression to describe somebody’s skills in betting.

Betting Limits 

The minimum and maximum amounts a punter is allowed to bet by a particular bookmaker.

Betting Market 

All types of bets and opportunities are offered by bookmakers and sportsbooks on a particular event.

Betting odds

This is the ratio between the amount staked by the bettor and the bookmaker. Odds show both the chances for success and potential winnings.

Betting Ring

Some are at a sports event or a racetrack where bookmakers accept bets from punters.

Betting strategy

A systemic approach that is used by bettors to minimize risks and maximize profits.

Bet types

Different types of bets that bettors can place on sports events. Each bet type comes with its unique conditions and potential payouts.

Binary betting

A type of betting with just two possible outcomes, either the prediction is correct or not.


A horse that is likely to lose a race.

Board price

The odds for a specific event are displayed on the bookmaker’s screen or website. They can change as the event unfolds.


Incentives are given by bookmakers or casinos to new and existing customers to enhance their gambling activities.


Opening new accounts with the primary goal of exploiting bonuses and offers offered by bookmakers and casinos.

Bookmaker = Bookie

A person or company that sets odds, accepts bets from punters, and payout winnings.

Booking points

A type of bet that requires the punter to predict the number of red and yellow cards shown during a football (soccer) match.

Both teams to score (BTTC)

A type of bet where bettors wager on whether two teams will manage to score at least once during the game.

Both teams to score and win 

A type of bet where the bettor wagers on both teams to score and also tries to predict the winner.


Odds of 2/1 ( UK slang)

Betting in play (BIP) = Betting in running (BIR) = Live betting  = In-game betting

Placing bets on a sports event after it has started.

Betting W/O (Betting Without)

A type of betting where a bettor places a bet on a particular horse to win a race excluding the favourite from the results. If that horse comes second after the favourite the bettor wins.


see “Both teams to score”

Buy points

A betting strategy of paying extra to change the point spread in the bettor’s favour.


Canadian (or Super Yankee)

A type of bet that consists of 26 bets across five different events. The bet includes 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 4-folds and one 5-fold. 


Odds of 3/1 (UK slang).

Cash back bonus

A promotional offer where a bookmaker or casino provides their player with full or a partial refund in case of loss.

Cash bonus 

A promotional offer where a bookmaker or casino provides a player with cash to place a bet, play casino games or withdraw it.

Cash out

A real-time tool offered by some bookmakers that permits bettors to take a payout before the end of the event. This option helps bettors to minimize losses.

Century = Ton

This term means £100

Chalk = Jolly = Favourite

The most likely winner, according to the odds. Betting on the “chalk” often means low payouts. This is an American slang

Circled game

A game that bookmaker has placed limits on. For example, a bookmaker may put some restrictions on bets because of unexpected horse or key player injuries or bad weather.

Clean Sheet 

A type of bet where the bettor wagers on whether a team does not concede any goals. The bet is lost if the other team scores a goal.

Closing line = Closing odds

The last chance to place bets before the event begins. The odds can be different from the initial ones because at that time a bookmaker has the most accurate information about the event or teams.

Co-favourite = Joint favourite

All horses that are believed equally likely to win.


A male horse that is less than five years old and has not been castrated.   

Combination Forecast

A type of bet used in horse racing. A punter chooses two horses to finish in the first and second positions regardless of the order.

Combination Tricast

A type of bet used in horse racing. A punter chooses the top three horses in a particular race, without specifying the precise order.

Commission = Juice = Vig = Margin 

The fee charged by bookmakers for accepting bets.

Corners match bet 

A type of bet common for football (soccer)  matches where the bettor tries to predict which team will have the most corner kicks.

Correct score

A type of bet where the bettor predicts the correct final score in the game.


A situation where a favourite wins more points in a spread or handicap set by a bookmaker.

Cryptocurrency betting site

Any betting site that accepts cryptocurrencies ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others) as a form of payment.



The mother of a horse

Dead heat betting

A situation in horse racing (also often applied to other sports) where more than one horse finishes with the same result. Often in this case bettors receive half of their winnings.

Decimal Odds

The number that indicates the amount the bettor wins for 1 Euro/ £/$. It is the total payout including the stake. This odds format is typical for European countries. For example £4 decimal odds =  3/1 fractional odds.

Deposit methods

Different ways to add funds to betting accounts (credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, and more).


This means $1000 (slang).


The amount returned on a successful Tote bet.

Dog = UD

The opposite of “favourite”, is a team or player that is least likely to win.

Double action

A type of bet where the bettor is supposed to predict the outcomes of two separate events.The second wager is placed only when the initial bet is a winner.

Double bet

A type of bet consisting of two different selections on different events. Both must win for the bet to bring a return.

Double chance

A type of bet that allows a bettor to pick two out of three possible outcomes in a sports event. If either of the predictions comes true, the bettor wins.


Two games or matches played consecutively at the same venue on the same day.

Double result

A bet that requires predicting outcomes of the first half of the game and full game.

Draw = Tie

When teams or athletes have the same results at the end of the event, there is no clear winner.

Draw no bet

A bet without the risk of a draw. If the game ends in a draw, the bettor still gets his stake.


Сhanges in odds


A horse whose odds have increased (chances of winning decreased).

Duel forecast 

A type of bet where the punter predicts the two winners of the race in the exact order.

Dutch = Dutching

Backing more than one horse in a race to minimize risk and ensure profit.



An each-way bet consists of two components, a win bet and a place bet. Even if the selected horse does not win but finishes in the specified position, the punter gets a return on his winning bet.


Bettor’s advantage over the bookmaker or other bettors. Some bettors might consider themselves to have better skills and more information about some sport, match or players.

Enhanced odds

A promotional offer means that the bookmaker offers improved odds (a greater return) on selected markets. 


Any kind of sport that involves competitive video gaming. Examples: League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota-2, Valorant. 

European handicap = 3-way handicap

A type of bet typical for football (soccer) that eliminates the option of a draw and provides a virtual advantage to a selected team.

Evens = Even money

Odds 1/1 ( 2.00 in the decimal format). Your stake brings equal payout.


A deposit method that allows people to deposit and withdraw funds online fast compared to other methods. Examples: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller.


The amount of money a bookmaker may lose on an event.

Expected goal

A statistical metric used in sports (mainly football)  to assess whether a shot will become a goal. It takes into account historical data of similar shots and goals.


Favourite = Fav = Jolly

A horse (team, player)  that is most likely to win and which therefore has the shortest odds.


In the context of betting, a fee is the payment that the punter is required to pay for withdrawing with some payment options.

FGS = First goalscorer

A popular type of bet in football. A punter tries to predict which player will score the first goal in the game. 


All the players and teams in a market or event which are not individually listed. A punter can place a bet on the “field”.


A female horse younger than five years old.

Final odds

The last odds offered by the bookmaker right before the beginning of the event.

First corner 

A type of bet where the punter tries to predict which team will be awarded the first corner kick in a match.

First-half bet

A bet that a punter places on the outcome of the first half of a match or event.

First past the post 

Betting rule where bets are paid out based on the first horse to cross the finish line.

Fixed odds 

The fixed odds that you agree to get from the bookmaker at a given moment, and would remain the same for you even if the price changes later.

Flag bet

A type of combination bet that consists of 23 individual bets. To gain a return, the bettor only needs one of the selections to win.  This bet includes the broadest array of doubles, trebles, and a four-fold accumulator, along with single-stakes-about bets.


The number of selections in an accumulator. For example, 4-fold means 4 selections.


The performance history of a player, horse or team. This statistical data is used by bookmakers to set odds and by punters to predict future outcomes and chances to get profit.

Forecast betting

A bet type where the punter tries to predict the winner and 2-nd place for a particular event. Forecast bets are riskier than simpler bets, but offer higher returns.

FPTS = First player to score

A bet type where the bettor wagers on a player that he/she believes will score the first goal of the match.

Fractional odds

The common way of writing odds on most European betting sites. For example, 1/100 (fractional odds) is the same as 1.01 ( decimal odds) and ‑10000 American (Moneyline).

Free bet 

A bet that punters may place without risking their own money. This is usually a promotional offer provided by betting sites aiming to attract new customers or retain existing ones.

Full-time result

The outcome of a match or game at the end of standard game time. Also, a very popular type of bet where the bettor predicts the outcome of the event.



Thos is a UK-based organization that helps people with gambling addiction and other
gambling-related issues. It promotes responsible gambling among punters and bookmakers.

Goalscorer market

A goalscorer is a player who scores a goal during a match or game. Goalscorer markets are a popular type of sports betting market. Bettors wager on which player will score goals during a game. 


A combination bet consisting of 247 bets involving 8 selections. It includes 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and an accumulator. For a payout, at least two of the selections must win.


In horse racing going means the track’s condition and it can be good, firm, soft or heavy. The racetrack surface affects a horse’s performance and therefore is taken into account by bookmakers and bettors when they predict race outcomes.


It means £1,000.


Half time result = Half-time score 

The outcome of the first half of a match. A popular type of bet that involves predicting the results at the end of the first half. 

Half-time full-time 

A bet that combines two separate predictions, the result at the end of the first half of a match and the full-time result. Both bets must be correct to qualify for a payout.

Half with most goals

Betting on which half of the game will have more goals. Here bettor is not required to back a team but to predict the distribution of goals throughout the match.

Handicap race

A type of horse racing where each horse carries a different weight. The weight a horse carries affects the speed at which it gallops therefore handicapping encourages closer competition. In other sports teams or players may have different starting positions. Handicap racing allows all participants to have an equal chance of winning.

Hedging = Hedge betting

Making multiple bets on the same event to minimise the risk of losing. When executed effectively,  hedging serves as a form of insurance and guarantees a certain return.


A bet consisting of 57 bets involving 6 selections in separate events. The bet includes 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 4-folds, 6 5-folds and 1 6-fold.  To get a payout in a Heinz bet, a minimum of two selections must win.



The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) is a UK-based organization that resolves disputes between consumers and bookmakers.

In-play betting = Live betting = In-game betting

A form of betting that allows punters to place a bet on an event that is currently in progress. 

Implied probability 

This is a concept used in sports betting to express how likely the bookmaker thinks that prediction will become a reality. For example, if the odds are 2.00, the implied probability would be 1 / 2.00 = 0.50 or 50%.

In the frame

Expression that means a horse or team has a good chance of winning. This phrase is frequently used in horse racing and cycling.


A bet placed on the outcome of a game or race while it is currently in progress.



Two horses ( participants or teams) in a betting event with similar odds and likely to win. 


The same as the “favourite”  Horse, dog, player or team that is most likely to win and thus has the lowest odds.



Laying a bet means betting against a particular outcome. For example, betting on a horse not to win. This is the opposite of backing a horse to win. Lay bets are common for betting exchanges and can be a strategy for bettors who disagree with the odds offered by bookmakers.

 Lay-to-back betting

Strategy in betting exchanges whereby the bettor lays a bet on a certain outcome and then during a sporting event places a back bet on the same outcome. Lay-to-back betting can reduce potential losses and in some cases can guarantee a profit.


A change in the odds for a particular event or outcome. A bettor will get a higher payout the more the odds lengthen.


Various types of betting odds which are offered by bookmakers. The lines at different sportsbooks can vary because they use different methods for calculating sports odds.

Live betting = In-play betting = In-game betting

Betting on the outcome of a sporting event as it is occurring. During the match or game, live betting odds tend to change. 

Live streaming 

Real-time broadcasting of sporting events on the internet. Many online betting sites provide  such options but often only for punters who have placed a bet on that event.


A horse that bookmakers believe is very unlikely to win and thus has long odds. 

Losing bet

A bet that does not bring profit to the punter.

Loyalty programme = Customer rewards program = VIP programmes

A marketing strategy which encourages customers to be loyal to a particular betting site and rewards long-term bettors.

Lucky 15

A multiple bet that consists of four selections in different events, and combines 15 individual bets; 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold. Just one selection must win for a guaranteed payout.

Lucky 31 

A multiple bet that consists of 5 selections and  31 individual bets; 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 singles, 5 4-folds and 1 5-fold.

Lucky 63

A multiple bet consisting of 6 selections in separate events and 63 bets; 20 trebles,15 4-folds,15 doubles, 6 singles, 6 5-folds, and 1 6-fold.


Maximum bet

The highest sum that a punter can stake on a single bet.


A horse that that has not yet achieved a victory in a race.

Market Mover

A horse, player or team that has seen a significant shift in odds, whether it’s an increase or a decrease.

Matched Betting 

A strategy used by bettors when they take advantage of free bets and promotional offers and cover the spread on all possible outcomes of a sporting event. This low-risk strategy guarantees profit because betting is on a horse both to win and lose in a race.

Minimum bet

The lowest amount of money that a bettor can wager on a single bet. That threshold is established by a bookmaker.

Mobile betting

Betting on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, whether through an app or the mobile desktop version of the site.

Mobile bonus

A promotional offer from bookmakers available only to those who bet on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Money Line = Moneyline bet

American term meaning the same as “Full-Time Result betting”.  


£500 (UK slang)

Multiple bet

A bet that consists of multiple selections. There are many types of multiple bets. Examples: Lucky 15, Trixie, Patent, Yankee, etc. Multiple bets are considered to be more risky compared to single bets such as moneyline bets, first scorer bets or point spread bets.

Multi-Goal Betting

A type of betting where the punter predicts a range of goals or points scored in a specific sporting event. 



The selection that a bettor considers as their best pick of the day.

Nailed On = Sure thing

A selection that a bettor believes is very likely to win.

No deposit  free bet 

A promotional offer from betting sites and bookmakers meaning that you can place a bet without depositing your own money. It is usually given to new customers after registration.


A horse that for some reason can not run in a race. In that case, bettors receive a refund from the bookmaker.


Odds = Price

This is a numerical expression of the probability that a selection will win, according to the bookmaker. Besides it shows the payout that a bettor can receive in case of a successful bet. There are different formats of odds representation, including decimal odds, fractional odds, and moneyline odds. 


Betting odds where the potential winnings are greater than the original stake.

Odds compiler

An expert who works for a bookmaker and sets the odds.


Betting odds where the potential winnings are less than the original stake. It is a sign that the bookmaker believes the outcome is highly likely to happen.

On the nose

Betting only on a horse to finish the race in first place (not making any other types of bet).


Total amount of money wagered on a particular bet or event.

Outright bet= Outright betting  = Future bet = Ante-post bet

A type of bet where the punter tries to predict the winner of the entire competition or tournament.

Outsider = long shot

Participant or team that is highly unlikely to win, according to bookmakers. It has high odds and a low probability of winning.

Over/Under = O/U

In the betting world a type of bet where the punter tries to predict whether the final total score of both teams will be over or under a specific number set by the bookmaker.


Bookmaker’s profit margin which is included in the odds they offer. The overround represents the percentage and it differs across bookmakers and sporting events. Bookmakers include a margin in their odds of making a profit regardless of the outcomes of the events.

Own goal 

This is a situation when a player accidentally scores a goal against their team. There is a type of bet where the bettor wagers on the occurrence of an own goal during a match.


Parlay = Accumulator = Combo bet

A bet with multiple selections. All have to be correct for the parlay bet to win.


A bet consisting of 7 bets involving 3 selections in separate events. In this bet you have a single on each selection, 3 doubles and 1 treble. Just one selection must win to guarantee a return.  


The amount of money a bettor receives if their bet is successful. It consists of both the stake and the winnings.

Permutations = Combination bet

A bet that involves several selections, and the bettor covers all possible combinations of those selections. Example: Goliath bet,  Lucky 15 bet.


Selections which are made by bettors when they place wagers on the outcome of sporting events. 

Place = Place betting

A type of bet in horse racing where the bettor backs a horse to finish in the specified position (usually first, second, or third place). The number of places goes up to sixth in major races.


A bet in horse racing that requires the bettor to pick horses that will place in all races specified on a racecard. This bet is available in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


It is £25 (UK slang)

Pool = Pooled betting

A type of betting where participants pay a fixed amount into a pool. The payout is divided equally between those who made correct predictions. This form of wagering is distinctive because it doesn’t rely on fixed odds.

Price = Odds

Betting odds offered by bookmaker (see odds).

Professional bettor

A person who makes a living by betting. Usually, such individuals possess deep knowledge of sports, betting strategies and betting markets.


An offer from a bookmaker or betting site designed to enhance betting activities. There are various kinds of promotions. Examples:  Welcome bonus, free bets, enhanced odds, acca insurance, etc.

Promo Code = Promotion code = Coupon code

This a code bettor must enter to be eligible for various bonuses and offers provided by a bookmaker/betting site. 

Punter = Bettor

The person who places bets with the bookmaker.


Racing card = Race card = Race program

A printed or digital document where all the information about that day’s races is stored.

Return = Winnings = Payout

The amount of money the bettor gets if a bet wins. It includes profit and returned stake.

Request a bet 

A tool offered by betting sites that allows users to create their bet, ask odds for it, and eventually place the bet if all requirements are met.

Referral bonus 

Bonus that the user gets for referring other people to a betting site. It could be free bets, cash rewards, loyalty points or bonus codes.

Reversed forecast

A type of bet in horse racing where the bettor predicts two horses that will finish in first and second, regardless of their order.

Round Robin 

A bet that consists of  10 individual bets across 3 selections; 3 doubles, 1 treble and 6 single stakes.


A participant in a race or sporting event. This word is often used in horse racing.

Rule 4 

Rule that exists in horse racing betting. According to this rule, bookmakers can make deductions from payouts of winning bets when there are non-runners in the race. The amount of deduction is in proportion to the odds of the non-runner at the moment of the withdrawal.



It means £20 (UK slang)

Single bet = Money bet= Straight bet

The most simple bet that involves wagering a stake on a single selection.


This is a betting strategy used primarily in betting exchanges. It involves placing two opposing bets against each other across various markets and getting a small profit.


A type of double bet where the bettor tries to forecast both a goalscorer and the final score. 

Selection = Betting selection

The player, athlete, team, horse, dog etc, that the punter chooses to wager on.


The sum of money placed by the punter on the bet.

Starting price(SP) 

The final odds on a selection right before the event starts.  It determines the final payout for winning bets.


A horse whose odds fall dramatically.

Straight forecast

A bet that requires the punter to choose the horses which will finish first and second in the exact order.

Special bets

Unique bets to particular sporting events. Sometimes they may not have a direct connection to sports.

Spread betting 

Placing bets on multiple selections within the same event, thereby increasing the chances of payout by covering several possible outcomes.

Super Heinz

A bet that consists of 120 individual bets placed on seven different selections in various events; 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfold bets, 21 fivefold bets, 7 sixfold bets and 1 sevenfold accumulator.

Super flag bet

A bet made up of  46 individual bets, including singles, doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds, and a six-fold accumulator. Super Flag bet is usually placed across 5 -8 selections.

System bets = Combination bets = Multiple bets

A category of sports bets that includes multiple selections and outcomes in various events. Example: Trixie, Yankee, Heinz, Super Heinz.


Terms and Conditions = T&C

A legal contract that outlines the rules, terms,  conditions and obligations of betting sites and users. The most important section on the site that people should read before signing up with an online bookie.

The gambler’s fallacy

A cognitive bias in gambling. This is when a punter believes that the history of some event will influence future outcomes. However, in reality, there is no pattern and each event comes with its probability of outcomes.


The sign language used by bookmakers at horse racing tracks to communicate with each other.

Tips = Betting tips

Pieces of advice from betting experts (also called tipsters) shared with punters. This could be selections to bet on, strategies to use, and other insights into upcoming events.

Timecast betting

A bet on both the goalscorer and the time of that goal.


This means £100 (UK slang).


A type of betting where all bets of punters are pooled into a single fund, and the payout then is divided between winning bettors. The final payout depends on the outcome and the total amount wagered.

To win to nil 

A bet that requires predicting the winning team, and this team must also keep a clean sheet. 

To score in both halves 

A bet placed on a team to score goals in both the first and second halves of a match.

To win either half 

 A bet on a team to win at least one of the two halves of the match.

To win both halves 

 A bet on a team to win both the first and the second half of a match.

To win from behind 

A bet placed on a team that initially falls behind in terms of goals but eventually manages to win.

Treble bet

A bet consisting of 3 selections all of which must win. 


A bet that requires predicting the exact order of the first three horses in a race. 


A bet consisting of four bets on three different selections. It includes 3 doubles and 1 treble.


When you see “X” in a list of odds or match results, it means the match ended in a draw.


UK Gambling Commission

This is a  regulatory body for all casinos and sportsbooks within the UK. The mission of the UKGC is to keep crime out of gambling, protect players, and ensure that gambling is fair and transparent. 


Value Bet 

A wager that a bettor believes offers favorable odds or probabilities of winning when compared to the bookmaker’s prediction.

VAR = Video assistant referee

A match official whose job is to help on-field match officials make fair decisions about goals, penalties, red card offences and other unclear situations. VAR has access to all cameras in a stadium with slow-motion replays.

Void bet

A bet which is declared null. As a result, the bettor gets back the wagered amount.

Vig = Juice = House edge

Fees charged by bookmakers for accepting and facilitating bets.  It sportsbook’s built-in profit margin.

Virtual Sports 

Betting on computer-generated simulations of real sporting events such as F1, tennis, football and more. 


Wagering requirements = Playthrough requirements = Rollover requirements

Specific conditions that a player must fulfil before they can withdraw any winnings or bonuses. They must be stated in the Terms and Conditions on the betting site. For example, if the wagering requirement is 20 times the bonus amount, so punter needs to wager a total of $100 x 20 = $2,000.

Welcome Offer = Welcome bonuses =Sign-up bonuses = New player promotions

Promotion that is offered by bookmakers to new customers. These offers can vary but often include free bets and bonus funds.

Wincast betting

A bet that requires picking the goal scorer and the winning team (or player). Both must be correct for the bet to be successful.


The amount of money earned from a successful bet.

Winning Margin

A type of bet where the punter predicts the margin by which one team or player will win over the other.


The process of taking money out of your account registered on a betting site. The speed of withdrawal depends on the chosen payment method and can be from 10 min to 10 days.


Yankee bet

A bet consisting of four selections, with 11 individual bets. It includes 4 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator. To receive a payout, at least two of the selections must win.

Finale remarks

We intended to gather on this page words and expressions that are often used in betting. We hope that our efforts help you understand the common betting terms and phrases and you will become a successful bettor.

If you can not find a term of interest, please feel free to reach out to us, and we will incorporate it into our glossary. We are committed to updating the page and adding new terminology because the world of betting is rich and evolving and new phrases are constantly appearing.

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