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Anjouan Gaming License – A New Alternative for Gambling Companies

Anjouan is one of the most accessible and advantageous jurisdictions to obtain a license for gambling sites, but at the moment not very well known. Nevertheless, this is the option that has been gaining traction recently. 

This licensing option has been modernised and now applies to all types of online gambling and betting. Moreover, the Anjouan license is quite competitively priced and has reasonable requirements, making it a perfect option for startups. 

In this article, we’ll look into what other advantages this jurisdiction’s license has and why it has skyrocketed in popularity.

What is Anjouan’s Gaming License?

Anjouan Gaming License allows gambling companies to operate legally by obtaining a license in this jurisdiction, which is part of the Comoros and is located in the Indian Ocean. This tiny island has huge potential and is well-positioned to become a center for casino operators. It is quite an attractive option due to its accessibility and flexibility of requirements.

Anyone who has any involvement with online gambling knows that the most popular and widespread license in the industry is Curaçao. This is the leading licensing body that has long been something of a benchmark and has been a household name. 

However, Curacao’s policies have been changing a lot in recent times and there have been some controversies that have increased competition in the market. This is very beneficial for the Anjouan jurisdiction, as this is when this license can become the most attractive alternative. Anjouan could potentially become the new leader in the gambling industry, as many companies have already started to apply for approval by this jurisdiction. 

Benefits of Anjouan License

As mentioned above, a license in Anjouan is a very attractive option and has many advantages. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Accessibility and ease of obtaining

Obtaining a license in Anjouan is different from the same process in other jurisdictions as it requires much less bureaucratic hassle. This makes life much easier for anyone applying for this approval, as companies do not have to prepare a huge amount of documents, which is time-consuming and quite costly.

Perfect for start-ups

The Anjouan licence really is one of the best options for those taking their first steps into big business. It is a great support for start-up casino operators, allowing them to gain the trust of their first customers without incurring major taxes and other financial damages. Thanks to this, startups will be able to invest in improving their services and attracting a customer base. Thus, the Anjouan licence can serve as a kind of stepping stone before entering larger markets.

Speed of receiving process

Of all the existing licenses in the online gambling industry, the Anjouan license is the easiest and fastest to obtain. Of course, everything can depend on the quality and relevance of the documents provided, but on average the whole process can take around 3-5 working days, which is record fast. This makes this license even more attractive to those who need to get approval to operate as soon as possible.

Licence universality

The Anjouan license is applicable to all types of games, which is very convenient for casino operators. There are cases when companies had to obtain additional authorisations for different gaming categories, but in this case, such problems will not arise. Startups will be able to get one license for all their gambling activities. This includes sports betting, cyber sports, slots, poker, live games, bingo, scratch cards and other types of online entertainment. 

Low taxes

Companies licensed in Anjouan are free from the high tax rates that occur in other jurisdictions.

Betting in Anjouan

Gambling laws in the Anjouan jurisdiction were adopted in 2005 to regulate and legalise this kind of business. This has made it much easier to deal with betting and gambling on the Internet. 

According to the current legislation, in order to create a gambling platform, it is necessary to fill out an application and provide the necessary documents confirming identity. The application will be considered by Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd and the Anjouan Gambling Board. 

List of documents for individuals:

  • Copy of a valid passport or driving licence
  • Original utility bill
  • Bank statement

List of documents for organizations and legal entities:

  • Certificate of registration
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

It is also worth noting that all documents provided must be certified by a notary, lawyer, or banker.


If you have made the conscious decision that you want to apply for an Anjouan licence, then we suggest that you consider the list of requirements that you need to take into account.

It is worth mentioning that the Anjouan jurisdiction will request quite a lot of information before you can be officially approved. If you are an individual, you will need to undergo special checks to prove that you are not a problem gambler, as well as to prove that you have no legal problems and have a legal income. 

In addition, the following list of documents will be required:

  • A certified copy of your passport
  • Utility bill
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • CV
  • Bank statement
  • Professional reference letter
  • Proof of domain ownership
  • Content Details
  • Copies of policies regarding minors, KYC procedures, and responsible gaming

Also, please note the fact that documents will only be accepted in English or with a certified translation. 

Here are also some of the mandatory requirements:

  • It is the responsibility of the licence applicant to ensure that their software partners are reliable
  • The applicant is obliged to protect vulnerable players and have a strong responsible gaming policy
  • The licence applicant is obliged to avoid regions where internet gambling is prohibited
  • The licence holder is obliged to pay all taxes on time

Meanwhile, a company holding an Anjouan license is free to advertise its services on the Internet as it sees fit. 


Ongoing annual expenses and expendituresCosts and fees
Annual fees for Anjouan gaming license13.300 EUR
Annual Key Person Authorization fee2.000 EUR
Required for ongoing Corporate Governance, License Application1.700 EUR
Total Costs for Annual Maintenance17.000 EUR
Additional services (optional)Costs and fees
Establishing a Company in Multiple Territories to Serve as a License Holder2.150 – 9.000 EUR 
2st-year costs2.150 – 9.000 EUR
Including the first step of establishing a payment agent company in Cyprus4.700 – 5.500 EUR
Annual Nominee Director Service5.000 EUR
Annual Nominee Shareholder Service4.000 – 5.000 EUR
Additional due diligence fees500 – 1.000 EUR


Therefore, as you may have realised, the gaming license offered by the Anjouan jurisdiction possesses a great number of advantageous features, and it is without a doubt something that should be taken into consideration. This alternative holds a lot of potential and might very well end up becoming one of the most important gambling hubs. The advantages appear to have some persuasive power, but it is impossible to predict how the market will evolve in the years to come. 

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