Charles Greene
Sports Writer

Charles Greene

Hi I’m Charles Greene your humble author of I’m an avid sports and money fan, and my main goal from a young age was to combine the two (sorry I never realized it as a footballer). At the age of 20 I found a great opportunity to make money from my passion for sports, it was betting.

Education and experience

I received my doctorate in economics from Oxford University in 2005. Even during my studies I had been thinking about my future path, but after graduation circumstances worked out in the most fortunate way. 

It was in 2005 that the first Gambling Act came out that caught my attention. The main changes that the Gambling Act brought about were the transfer of licensing powers from the Magistrates’ Court to the UK authorities or licensing boards and the creation of the UKGC. I delved deeper into this area and very soon realised that gambling and sports betting was a very lucrative industry that was generating income for the economy. 

Since then, I have put all my energies into studying the specifics of the legal aspects of the industry. It was not just about how it affects the economy, but also about the need for players to find a safe but controlled gambling platform.

Why Gambling Career?

Since university I have been determined to develop my career in the UK economic system. I have always wanted to be part of the economy and have a direct relationship with people. Moreover, I also really love sport and everything that comes with it. Thus, the gambling industry combines several of my big interests. 

It is also a field that is constantly developing and learning new things. I enjoy being part of this and helping people learn more about the opportunities that are available to them.

Questions And Answers

Your opinion about the strict UKGC regulations?

The aim of UKGC was to keep any sort of crime out of Gambling in the UK. However, the concept of providing licenses to gambling sites for operating in the UK had a mixed outcome. While some punters were okay to register themselves agreeing to the Gamstop policy, many were sceptical since they were bound by a contract that could restrict their gameplay. Gambling is a leisure activity and imposing regulations like these made the gamblers choose internationally operated gambling sites over the ones that originated in the UK.

What is your favourite sport?

I’ve been a big football enthusiast since I was a kid. I now actively follow the English Premier League and other championships, regularly placing bets.

Your opinion about the recent UKGC regulation changes?

UKGC is preparing new regulations in the online casino forum that would solely focus on mobile casinos where the operators must verify the identification of the gamblers via KYC and AML checks. Also, no credit cards would be accepted as payment methods in online casinos in the UK. This has been proposed to avoid children below 18 indulge in gambling. This solution would actually help to control underage gambling problems because the gambling platforms would verify all the details and restrict payments via credit cards that would have some other name as on the account. Restricting credit card payments would also help problem gamblers to avoid making deposits via their credit cards and getting into tremendous debts.

What advice would you give to a novice bettor?

The most important thing I would like to say is to always do your own research and only place bets on legitimate sites. It is very important to check whether the site is licensed and secure before trusting it with your data.

What would you like to change in the online betting industry?

I would like to see betting sites become legal in more places. It is the restrictions that lead to many illegal sites on the internet and the emergence of fraud.

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