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Are There Betting Sites That Use Prepaid Gift Cards?

Betting sites that accept prepaid gift cards offer a convenient and discreet way to engage in online betting. They allow you to deposit funds without revealing too much personal information. Additionally, using prepaid gift cards is a great way to control your spending since you can only use the funds on the card. Would you like to learn more about how to use prepaid gift cards for betting? You can find all the details in this comprehensive review.

These betting sites really open up a cool and easy way to have some fun.

List of Prepaid Cards Betting Sites
Prepaid Cards Betting Sites

List of Bookies That Accept Prepaid Cards: May 2024

Sports Bonus
100% UP TO 1500 EUR + EXCLUSIVE 33FS
100% UP TO £500 + Exclusive 20 FS
150% UP TO £1000
150% UP TO £3000 + EXCLUSIVE 20 FS
Promo Code: VRS777
200% UP TO £2000
10% Cashback
Bonus UP TO £2500
Sports Bonus 150% UP TO £500
Sports Welcome Bonus 120% up to 600 €/$
GET a 100% BONUS UP TO £500
50% up to £100
Golden Pharaoh
400% BONUS +100FS+ Exclusive 25 FS
Promo code: GONZO125
100% UP TO 100 EUR
150% UP TO £1000
Exclusive Welcome Bonus 150% up to £500
150% UP TO £500
Sports Welcome Bonus 175% up to €2000
400% UP TO £2000 + 100 FS + Exclusive 25 FS
125% up to £3000
125% up to £5000
Welcome Package 300% UP TO €10000 + 300 FS
Welcome Bonus 100% up to 500£
Welcome Bonus 300% up to 500£
950% UP TO €7000 + Exclusive 50%
Black Magic
400% UP TO £1000 + Exclusive 50%
Promo Code: VRS
Get 200% Up to £250
Get 200% UP TO £1000
Sports Bonus
100% UP TO 1500 EUR + EXCLUSIVE 33FS
100% UP TO £500 + Exclusive 20 FS
150% UP TO £1000
150% UP TO £3000 + EXCLUSIVE 20 FS
Promo Code: VRS777
200% UP TO £2000
Sports Bonus
50% up to £100
Tropical Wins
150% UP TO £1000
Sports Bonus 150% UP TO £500
150% UP TO £1000
Sports Bonus
100% UP TO £500 + Exclusive 20 FS
GET a 100% BONUS UP TO £500
Get 200% Up to £250

What is a Prepaid Card and How Does It Work?

Prepaid Visa cards are like those cards you buy from a store and load up with money before using them. So, when someone who likes to bet online gets one, they can just punch in the Visa prepaid card info on the gambling site to add money.

The cool thing about these Visa prepaid cards is they’re not tied to your bank account at all. That means when you use them, you’re not giving out too much personal info to those best betting sites, keeping things a bit more private. 

What Are the Types of Prepaid Cards?

There’s quite a variety when it comes to prepaid cards. You’ve got your physical ones, available for purchase in stores, and then there are the virtual ones, existing solely in the online realm. Some can be reloaded with funds, while others are more of a one-time deal. We’re here to break down these differences for you in this section.

Prepaid Gift Cards

Gift cards in their physical form resemble everyday debit or credit cards, with fixed values and expiration dates. They might have limitations on where they can be used, so it’s wise to ensure they’re accepted at your chosen bookmaker before buying one. However, some are more versatile and can be used across various places.

Usually, these cards can’t be reloaded and expire after a specific period from purchase or activation. The upside is, you can’t accumulate debt with a prepaid gift card—once the balance hits zero, the card stops working, preventing any possibility of overdrafts.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards

A reloadable prepaid card could be a great fit for bettors who regularly add money to their betting account and prefer using a prepaid card for all their gambling deposits. It just makes things easier to stick with the same card info each time instead of constantly typing in new details.

Now, there are a few ways you can reload one of these prepaid cards. You could do it at the same store where you got it, use cash, or even use a credit or debit card. Or hey, you might even be able to top it up straight from your bank account.

Just a heads-up, though: some of these reloadable cards might come with a monthly fee, and others might have transaction charges. Definitely something to think about if you’re planning to use them for a while. But for those who want to keep their personal bank account info private from an online sportsbook, these fees might be worth it.

Virtual Prepaid Card

Virtual prepaid cards operate similarly to physical prepaid cards, but without a tangible presence. This means they’re perfect for online transactions, sparing users the worry of losing or having their physical card stolen.

To get hold of these cards, customers must set up an online account with a bank offering them. This process can take longer than simply purchasing a physical card because users need to provide more personal details to the company issuing the virtual prepaid gift card.

Yet, the added effort might be worthwhile. Virtual betting gift cards let users keep their banking details confidential from online bookmakers. Plus, they often entail lower fees and boast higher deposit and withdrawal limits compared to physical prepaid cards.

Prepaid Voucher Card

Gift vouchers prepaid cards work much like regular prepaid cards, except they’re made of paper, not plastic. When you get one, you receive a receipt with all the details needed for transactions.

What’s neat about these cards is that you don’t need to share any personal info to buy them. That means they’re totally anonymous, making them perfect for using on online gambling sites.

How Do We Choose Prepaid Card Betting Sites?

Exploring online sports betting means finding the perfect prepaid card betting site to ensure a smooth, safe, and fun time. There are plenty of choices out there, so taking a thoughtful approach is key to making the best choice. Here’s a detailed guide with five steps that show how we carefully pick the perfect prepaid card betting site.

Step 1:

Reputation and Licensing

Let’s kick things off by looking into the site’s reputation and whether it’s legit. We dig into whether they’ve got the right licenses from reputable authorities, making sure they’re up to snuff with industry rules. We dive into reviews, forums, and other independent sources to get a feel for how they’ve been doing, focusing on how much people trust them, if they play fair, and whether they pay out on time.

Step 2:

Payment Options and Security

We dive into the prepaid card options and really check out how secure the online betting site is. Making sure they’ve got top-notch encryption, secure transactions, and trustworthy payment gateways is super important. We’re aiming for a variety of prepaid cards that are easy to use but don’t cut corners when it comes to keeping our info safe.

Step 3:

Betting Variety and Odds

We take a good look at how extensive and diverse the betting options are. A great betting site doesn’t just cover a few sports or events—it offers a whole range. Having good odds is key, but it’s also about having live betting and interesting free bet that make the whole experience better. We want sites that welcome everyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro at betting.

Step 4:

User Interface and Experience

A betting experience gets a major boost with an interface that feels natural and reacts quickly. When we scout for websites, we aim for ones with interfaces that are easy to use, simple to navigate, and work well on mobile devices. Making sure everything runs smoothly on any gadget means everyone can easily get in on the action, no matter where they are or what they’re using.

Step 5:

Customer Support

Having solid customer support is super important. We check out how the site helps its users—looking at things like how fast they respond and how useful they are. When customer service is quick to answer questions and fix issues, it really boosts the whole user experience.

What Are the Best Prepaid Card Betting Sites?

We’ve sifted through a ton of options to bring you the absolute best – carefully picking out the top 5 prepaid card betting sites. These places are all about making sure your betting experience is smooth sailing and totally secure. They’re all about quick, safe money moves. Count on our recommendations, and you’ll plunge into the exciting world of online betting feeling confident and worry-free.

  • VeloBet
  • FreshBet
  • WinsMania
  • Mega Dice
  • GoldenBet 



velobet UI

VeloBet stands out as a go-to choice among online bettors thanks to its extensive range of betting options. They cover an impressive variety of markets and provide competitive odds, ensuring a thrilling experience for anyone who loves to place bets. What’s great is their platform is super easy to use, and it works seamlessly on mobile too.

  • You’ve got a wide range of sports markets to explore
  • Competitive odds across different sporting events
  • The site is really user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • It’s perfect for betting on the fly with its excellent mobile compatibility
  • The site offers fewer payment options compared to some of its competitors
150% UP TO £1000


FreshBet brings the excitement of online betting to life with its dynamic platform. Their goal? To make betting a breeze, offering a wide range of sports markets, live betting, and interfaces that are easy on the eyes. They take pride in ensuring your transactions are secure and their customer service is top-notch, making it a go-to for those using prepaid cards and seeking trusty betting options.

  • They’ve got sports markets galore, catering to all kinds of betting preferences
  • Their interface is so user-friendly, you’ll navigate it like a pro
  • Customer service is on point, swiftly resolving any issues that pop up
  • Rest easy knowing your transactions are secure and sound
  • They could beef up their promotional offers a bit compared to some of their competitors
100% UP TO 1500 EUR + EXCLUSIVE 33FS


Winsmania UI

Check out WinsMania bookmaker—it’s this lively place that’s all about giving you loads of ways to bet, whether it’s sports or esports or beyond. They’ve really nailed a user-friendly setup, especially if you’re into prepaid card betting. It’s all about making your gambling experience easy and safe.

  • Lots of betting choices, whether you’re into sports or esports
  • The interface is super easy to use and get around
  • They’re big on making prepaid card betting hassle-free
  • Your transactions are totally secure—no worries there
  • The site doesn’t have quite as many special deals as some other places
Sports Welcome Bonus 175% up to €2000

Mega Dice

mega dice UI

Mega Dice bookmaker brings you a huge range of options for betting with prepaid cards, making it easy to play different games and handle transactions smoothly. It’s designed with users in mind, welcoming people from the UK and offering sports and casino games.

  • You’ve got a wide selection of sports and casino games to bet on
  • Depositing and withdrawing with prepaid cards is fast
  • It’s open to users from UK
  • The platform is designed to be simple and user-friendly for betting and navigating
  •  Unfortunately, there aren’t many special offers available for users
Mega Dice
200% UP TO 1 BTC + 50 FS


goldenbet UI

GoldenBet stands out as a top choice for people who prefer prepaid cards. Known for its wide array of sports betting choices, great odds, and easy-to-use interface, this bookmaker was created to offer a smooth betting journey. GoldenBet brings together fresh features and a vast range of sports markets, welcoming both newcomers and seasoned bettors alike.

  • Loads of sports to pick from
  • Navigating the site is a breeze
  • Awesome odds across different events
  • Convenient prepaid card options for deposits and withdrawals
  • Live streaming options for specific events are a bit limited
100% UP TO £500 + Exclusive 20 FS

Betting Gift Card UK Deposit: Overview

🔢 Number of Prepaid Card bookmakers35+
✅ Reviewed bookmakers that accept Prepaid Card 35+
🛑 Accepting Players on GamStopYes
⚽️ Popular Sports to Bet OnFootball, Cricket, Horse Racing, eSports
💰 Betting BonusesFree bets, Improved odds, Cashback, Loyalty programme
💳 Other Payment MethodsBank Transfers, E-Wallets, Crypto, Phone Payments
📉 Lowest Deposit£5
⏳ Average Withdrawal Time15-30 min
❎ Minimum Wagering Ratex1
🇬🇧 Accepting UK PlayersYes
🔝 Top Prepaid Card bookmakerVeloBet
🆕 New Prepaid Card bookiesFreshBet, JackBit, LuckyBarry, Slots Dreamer
🔒 Safety & LegalityGuaranteed

What Are the Benefits of Bookies That Accept Prepaid Gift Cards?

Picking bookies that take prepaid gift cards can bring lots of perks for bettors into online betting or gambling. Some of these advantages include:
Anonymity and Security
When you use prepaid gift cards, it’s like wrapping a layer of privacy around your finances. Since these cards aren’t connected to your bank accounts or personal info, they help keep your financial details safe. It’s a smart way to lower the chances of someone stealing your identity or committing fraud.
Getting a grip on your spending
Ever used those prepaid gift cards? They’re a game-changer when it comes to setting a betting budget. You can’t spend more than what’s on the card, which really helps curb overspending and encourages responsible gambling.
Easy to get, easy to use
You can snag these cards at tons of stores, which makes them super accessible. And the best part? You don’t need a bank account or a credit/debit card to fund your betting account—they’ve got you covered on the convenience front.
Getting Extra Benefits
Lots of bookies give out bonuses or special deals to people who put money in using prepaid gift cards. These perks can mean cashback, more betting credits, or even exclusive offers, making using these cards more rewarding.
Using Them Anywhere
Prepaid gift cards are usually accepted worldwide, so you can join bookies from different places without worrying about currency conversions or extra fees for international transactions.

What Are the Drawbacks of Betting Sites With Prepaid Gift Card?

Lately, online betting sites have been popping up all over, making it super easy for fans from anywhere to join in. They’ve made things smooth by adding prepaid gift cards as a way to pay, making transactions a breeze and keeping things private. But, before diving in, it’s smart to know that while these cards offer privacy and ease, there are some downsides to think about when using them for online betting.
Transaction Fees and Restrictions
Transaction fees and restrictions often tag along with prepaid gift cards. Card issuers tend to impose varying fees that can seriously affect the amount you have to play with. Plus, certain cards might put the brakes on specific transactions, like international purchases or online buys, making it a bit of a hassle to smoothly use the card on certain betting sites.
Lack of Withdrawal Options
When it comes to cashing out, prepaid gift cards don’t offer the same options as regular methods like credit cards or online wallet. That means if you win big, you might hit a roadblock trying to withdraw your earnings. Finding other ways to withdraw money could mean dealing with extra fees or navigating through more complicated processes.

How to Open a Prepaid Visa Gift Card Account?

Getting yourself a prepaid Visa card isn’t complicated at all, and it’s super handy! Whether it’s a treat for yourself or a thoughtful surprise for someone else, you just need to follow a few steps to get started. Check out this simple guide on how to set up your own prepaid gift card account:

  1. Look for a reliable bank or store that offers these cards.
  2. You can either go online or visit a store to see the different card options available.
  3. Find one that matches what you need, like how much it’s worth, its design, and any fees it might have.
  4. Get the card and follow the instructions to activate it online or through a call.
  5. Add money to the card by connecting it to your bank, using cash, or buying a reload pack.
  6. Once you’ve activated and loaded it up, you’re good to go! You can use your prepaid Visa gift card to make deposits at betting sites. 

How to Deposit Money With Prepaid Card?

Adding funds to your prepaid card for betting on sites can be a safe and easy way to power up your gaming fun. Whether you’re all about sports betting or love hitting the casino games, the whole process is simple, making sure your transactions are smooth sailing. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Pick a betting site that’s reliable and accepts prepaid card online payments.
  2. If you’re new, create an online betting account; if not, log in.
  3. Look for the ‘Deposit’ or ‘Banking’ section on the site.
  4. Select the option that lets you deposit using your prepaid card.
  5. Put in your card number, expiry date, and the CVV code.
  6. Tell them how much you want to add.
  7. Review all the info, then confirm your deposit. Your account gets the funds instantly. 

How to Withdraw With Prepaid Card?

You can’t pull cash back onto a prepaid card for a few reasons, but the biggie is anti-money laundering rules. Since there’s no way to verify who owns the prepaid card, it’s tough to track where that money might end up.

What Are the Fees and Limits?

Normally, the betting site has its own fees, which could be a small percentage or a set fee for every transaction. These Prepaid card betting sites also set some rules about how much you can deposit or withdraw. The minimum limit is there to make sure deposits aren’t too small, while the maximum limit helps manage really large transactions.

Which Countries Accept Virtual Prepaid Card Payments?

Many countries are happily adopting virtual prepaid cards as a way to make secure transactions easier across the globe. Places like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and lots of European countries are all on board with this handy payment option. These cards give people flexibility and accessibility, making them super popular for all sorts of online stuff. They’re like a universal key for transactions, making life easier for people everywhere.

How Do Other Payments Compare to Prepaid Cards?

Lots of bettors are turning to prepaid cards as a super popular way to pay. They’re simple, safe, and make handling money for gambling online a breeze. But there are other ways to pay out there, and it’s good to weigh the pros and cons. Comparing prepaid cards to other payment methods helps us see how they stack up in terms of ease of use, safety, fees, and how easy they are to get when you’re betting online. Check out the detailed table below for a full rundown. 

Payment MethodUsabilitySecurityFees
Prepaid Cards🌍Widely accepted, easy to use👮Offers anonymity, reduces risk of fraud💸Some activation or reloading fees may apply
Credit/Debit Cards 🗺️Widely accepted, convenient💳Offers fraud protection, potential risk of overspending💰May incur interest charges, possible transaction fees
Cryptocurrency🌍Anonymity, fast transactions👮Blockchain security, privacy💸Volatile exchange rates, network fees

What Types of Sports Can You Bet on With a Prepaid Card?

When you step into prepaid card’s betting sites, it’s like entering a whole realm dedicated to sports betting. Imagine having the flexibility to bet on a vast range of sports – from major global tournaments to your hometown favorites. 

What Are the Other Sports Betting Payment Methods?

If you’re having trouble depositing with prepaid cards or need help choosing a withdrawal method, check out these other payment options available.

Online Bookmakers That Accept Prepaid Card: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, having online bookies that take prepaid cards gives people a super handy and safe route to dive into betting. These cards bring a lot of flexibility and privacy to the table. They let users handle their spending smartly, keep their financial details safe, and jump into online betting hassle-free. Making prepaid cards a payment option really shows how these online sportsbooks are serious about making gambling easy and secure for everyone involved.

Prepaid Cards Bookies: FAQs Guide

What fees do I have to pay if I use prepaid cards for online sports betting?

If you’re considering this payment method, you should check the associated fees with your prepaid card service provider. The bookmakers we recommend in this review do not charge any additional fees when customers use prepaid cards.

Is there a sign-up bonus for Prepaid Cards?

As a rule, bookmakers do not offer a welcome bonus specifically for using this payment method. Bookmakers offer a welcome bonus regardless of the payment method. 

Is it safe to use a Prepaid Card at online gambling sites?

When you use a prepaid card for online gambling, it’s like having a safety net—it limits how much you can lose to whatever’s on the card. But make sure you’re using a trustworthy site because some might have rules or extra charges when you pay with a prepaid card.

How long does it usually take for a Prepaid card deposit to be processed?

Usually, when you make a deposit with a prepaid card, it’ll take about 1-3 business days to process. The time might vary a bit depending on the specific rules of the provider and how the banking system handles it.

Can I conduct multiple transactions using one prepaid card?

Yes, if you don’t use all your funds in one transaction, you can always use your prepaid card to place other bets or pay for other services.

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100% UP TO 1500 EUR + EXCLUSIVE 33FS
100% UP TO £500 + Exclusive 20 FS
50% up to £100